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Pre-surgery Bytes

Thinking about metabolic, or bariatric surgery? Wondering what to expect, what to do, how to plan? Check out my hints and tips. I had laparoscopic gastric bypass in 2001. 

Post-surgery Bytes

What's the secret to success after surgery? It's not a secret! Each of us is different with different experiences and journeys. One size doesn't fit all. I share what I know.

Bytes of Bites

Eating after metabolic (bariatric) surgery doesn't have to mean bland & boring chicken forever & ever. My food preferences and taste changed substantially. Let's try new foods together.

Welcome to BariBytes

Please take a moment to watch my video on my weight loss journey.

For as long as I can remember, I was the fat kid. In 2001, I had bariatric surgery. I lost weight. I lost my high blood pressure and my reflux but I gained so much more.

I became an advocate for others who are seeking treatment for their obesity. 

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Join me in Tampa for the 2019 Your Weight Matters Convention August 1st - 3rd! Click the photo for details.