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Define Relationships

Updated: May 26, 2018

An interpersonal #relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people. Add online to that and it can generate thoughts of "swiping left or right." This is not about that type of online relationship. I'm not knocking them, I'm just not writing about them.

I want to talk about my gratitude for all of the online relationships in my life. Are you thinking you don't have any online relationships? Well, I beg to differ. You and I, right now at the moment you're reading my written word are in an online relationship. Our lives are rife with online relationships. Earth-shattering news, right?

I hear so many people complaining how people are, "always on their phones." They complain that no one talks to people anymore, they're not present, instead, they're on social media. I am online nearly all the time. Facebook is my preference (yes, I realize it means I'm old). I love how it allows me to see my friends kids and grandkids growing up. I'm in touch with friends from high school. I chat regularly with people I worked with years ago and haven't seen in person for a decade or more, yet it feels like we see each other every day. I especially enjoy how I can communicate with friends I may only see once or twice a year at a conference, but we're able to immediately pick up like we just met for coffee. That's because we're in an online relationship.

My oldest moved to Florida earlier this year and while we do text frequently, Facebook and Instagram allow me to stay a part of his day to day life. It allows me to "meet" his girlfriend, to check out where he works, to stay involved. Because we're in an online relationship.

A few months ago, I started working from home. Something you can do from anywhere, right? But my husband and I chose to pack up and move nearly 1000 miles away. Why? To be closer to friends we met online and had only met in person a couple of times. Because of our online relationship, we chatted more often and shared more experiences.

In my new work from home, virtual company world, I have new co-workers and colleagues I would trust with my life (I would even trust them to dog-sit) although we have never met in person. We utilize online conference rooms throughout the day and it really feels like you're talking to the person in the "cube" next door. Because of our online relationship, we share our work experiences, bounce ideas off each other and drink coffee together.

I know so many people who struggle for #WLSsupport in their personal life or in their #weight loss journey. There are multiple options to create, develop and foster online relationships through Facebook groups, Instagram Stories, etc.

  • Yes, you do have to be choosy. Don't be afraid to embrace a good relationship or to leave a bad one.

  • No, everyone is not your type. Everyone is not your cup of tea and vice versa.

My online relationships are so valuable to me. I would love to hear your thoughts on online relationships.

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