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Exercising Against My Will

Exercise. Ick.

Sweaty, sticky, stinky.

None of those words are appealing to me.

I love to be able to move with greater ease, but I hate to exercise.

I enjoy being able to walk up the incline to the cheap seats, but I hate to exercise.

It is a necessity that I'm able to make the mad dash through the airport without keeling over, but I hate to exercise.

Several months ago when I was still working at a hospital, I had so many excuses not to exercise. I had to be at work early, I had to work late, I had to go do support group, I had evening conference calls. I couldn't go in the morning and have to re-do the hair and make-up, I couldn't go in the evening, to busy. Maybe that's why I volunteered for so many committees. Hmmm.

Now though, I have no excuse. I work from home. I work for myself. I set my own hours. I don't have to do the hair and make-up for a meeting (although earlier this week I did accidentally log onto a conference call righ after walking and the video automatically came on!). So, while I hate to exercise, I need to. I need to move easier, breathe easier, keep my heart healthier, facilitate my weight loss and be able to make that mad dash through O'Hare!

#Exercising against my will 3-4 times/week. One more step in my #WLSJourney

Here are my tips for making #Exercising Against Your Will a wee bit more tolerable (notice I did not say enjoyable, or fun, or any other BS.)

First, the obligatory disclaimer! This post is in no way a substitute for medical advice. Prior to beginning any exercise program, seek advice and clearance from your health care professional.

1. Find a buddy/partner to exercise with that won't let you off the hook when your whiny or when it's to hot or to cold or to whatever. My hubby walks 4-5 miles every day. He has the strength and endurance to do so. I do not. He goes with me on my 1.25-1.5 mile walk every other day and uses it as his warm-up. He doesn't make me feel inferior or less than because I can't walk as fast or as far as he does. He's there to make sure I do it and to support me. (Honestly, there were more than a few times at the beginning when I thought I was going to have to sprawl out in someone's yard under their sprinkler while he went back to the house and got the car to pick me up!)

2. Do what is easy for you to do. I have tennis shoes. I have shorts. We live in a subdivision with sidewalks. I have no excuse not to do the simplest, easiest, cheapest form of exercise. Are you a soccer/football/baseball/basketball/cheerleading mom who has to take the kids to practice multiple times a week? Great, whip out your tennis shoes and go walk laps around their practice area. Do you enjoy playing any of those sports? Awesome, help the kids practice at home by playing that sport with them. Flashbacks to high school when you liked to roller skate? Do that!

I will never forget several years ago, I was chatting with one of our patients and she made the comment she had been going out every night and didn't have time to exercise. I asked what she was doing when she went out and she explained she was going dancing with her friends and they were spending 2-3 hours on the dance floor and she would leave at the end of the night dripping wet with sweat and she was having a blast. I said, "Um, honey, guess what? You're exercising 2-3 hours every night. You're just having so much fun, you don't realize it." As an aside, if shopping were an Olympic sport, I would have a gold medal. Just sayin'.

3. Stay distracted. I know, you thought I was going to say stay focused. I find since I hate everything about exercising, it helps me if I stay distracted. I either listen to books on Audible or my playlist. I'm including a link to my playlist on Spotify here (right now you can get three months of premium for 99 cents via this link). Full disclosure-I'm old. I like old music. I'm from Kentucky and have lived in Tennessee, then Texas so I also like country. My play list may not be your cup of tea, so make your own! I noticed my list appears to have a bit of a revenge theme to it...hmmm.

4. Dress the part. Nope, you don't have to go out and spend a ton of money. There are plenty of days I walk in my Wal-mart hot pink sweat-shorts and pink UK tank. However, a couple of weeks ago, we were in Dick's Sporting Goods and I stumbled upon the #Calia collection by Carrie Underwood. Such cute workout clothes! Of course, my immediate first thought was, "Those will never fit me." Reo was test driving every golf club they had so I decided to try on some items just to see. Voila, the XL shorts and racer back top fit. I'm 5'8" and running 228-230 right now. This the outfit in my pic above. The days I wear this outfit, I just feel more "athletic." I'm wearing these shorts and this top. I just noticed online the sizes go up to 2X.

5. Set your goals and go. Spoiler alert-I'm fiercely competitive. The first day I went walking with Reo, it took me almost 19 minutes to walk a mile. That's fine. I hadn't exercised in months. You begin where you are and you keep going. I've looked at several different apps and the one I like best (I use the free version) is Map My Walk. Feel free to connect with me on there so we can encourage each other. I also use My Fitness Pal and would love to connect with you there too. Look for BariBelle CBN on My Fitness Pal and Pamela Davis on Map My Walk.

So-download your apps, create your playlist, put on your sneaks and get going. Remember, "Misery loves company." ;-)