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Love the Skin in You're In

Updated: May 27, 2018

"How does the amount of fat tissue attached to our bodies affect our ability to think, to love, to play, to care, to simply exist?" Spoiler alert - it doesn't.
No sweatshirts or jackets in 90 degree weather!

How many times have you attempted to hide in a sweatshirt or jacket when it is hotter than blue blazes outside?

How many times have you gone to the pool or beach and stayed in long pants or a t-shirt?

Or attended an outdoor summer wedding with your arms covered to your elbows or wrists?

Or wear black legging year round?

Or a multitude of other ways to cover parts of your body when the rational individual is trying to wear as little as possible to prevent overheating?

My guess is to many times to count. I know why you do so. It's not because you're cold. It's because at some time in your life (maybe as recent as today), someone made you feel ugly or ashamed of simply existing in your body. Been there, done that.

I have worn jeans to the #NashvilleSounds games in the middle of July and August because I was ashamed of my jiggly thighs.

I have work denim shorts and t-shirts to the pool because I was terribly afraid someone would make comments about my weight.

I have worn black blazers all throughout the summer because, "heaven forbid" my arms in all their batwing glory be spotted by someone and it offend their delicate sense of what "normal" arms should look like. I actually went on a bit of a tirade with a blog post a few years ago prior to a trip to San Diego stating I would be wearing my cute sleeveless dresses. I did wear them. I got looks. I decided not to let it get me down.

I feel very hypocritical knowing that I've continued to dress in a way to "protect" the outside world from the "unsightliness" of my excess skin and the fat tissue my body created and carries daily. Running to Wal-mart or the grocery, got to get dressed and put on the makeup because, what if I run into someone I know? Going to work all day? Got to put on at least one layer of #Spanx, maybe two.

Several months ago, we moved to another state where we know like five people. I now work from home although I do upon occasion make public appearances that extend beyond Wal-mart and H-E-B. My daily wardrobe is shorts and a t-shirt, I put on makeup maybe once a week. I pulled out my Spanx a couple of weeks ago and thought I was going to pass out putting it on.

I am now determined to dress appropriate for the weather, for the activity, and for me. I'm not going to lie, having this "free to be me" clothing revelation has been a 1000% easier knowing I'm not going to run into anyone I know, but you know what else has happened? I've become so used to wearing what I want when I want where I want that's it's becoming second nature.

My new found body positivity has also been helped along by my husband of 33 years. The one who consistently compliments me and all my body parts. The difference in our thinking can be summed up by this little snippet. I had on exercise shorts and a racer-back top. We were out walking and passed by a store window, I saw my reflection and immediately thought, "OMG, why in the hell did I leave the house looking like that?" My husband was walking behind me and when I asked him why, he said, "The view's better back here, I can watch your butt." At that moment I told negative Nellie ashamed Pam to shut the hell up and rock her cute shorts and shirt.

Here is what I simply can't wrap my head around. At what point in human existence was it decided that the size and weight of an individual determines their worth? How does the amount of fat tissue attached to our bodies affect our ability to think, to love, to play, to care, to simply exist? And most importantly, who was the asshole who decided this? It didn't happen overnight. This deep-seated disgust toward individuals with obesity that has led the way to acceptance of fat #bias and #stigma. It won't go away overnight either. To begin, change your views (if needed) about your body. #Lovetheskinyourein don't cover up with jackets and sweaters in 90 degree heat, don't wear t-shirts in the pool and don't make your kids either! Wear what you want when you want where you want and rock it doing so. I'm loving the Instagram post from Kate Sturino of the12ishstyle.

To find out all the ways you can help fight obesity #bias and #stigma, visit the OAC and take #OACAction.