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Crap. It's time for dinner.

Updated: May 26, 2018

How many nights a week do you not give a thought to dinner until it's time to start chewing and everyone is looking at you with anticipation? If you're like me, even with the best intentions, it can be way too easy and tempting to just go through a drive thru. Been there, regretted that.

I know you know to set aside a time each week to shop, chop and prep your meals for the next week.

Take the time to meal prep as soon as you come home from the grocery.

Alternate Byte: go a step further and put your completed meal in a quart or gallon size freezer bag, pop them in the freezer and set a reminder on your phone for the time you leave for work so you don't forget to grab your lunch. I cannot confirm or deny I routinely do the shop, chop and prep then forget to take it with me.

I know you know to throw a meal in your crockpot in the morning so dinner's ready in the evening.

Alternate Byte: don't use any liquid! I hated chicken, pork, etc. cooked in the crockpot because I was taught to cover the meat in liquid and let it cook all day. The end result was a bland, nasty grey substance that always looked and tasted the same. Don't use liquid! Throw a crockpot liner in your crockpot, place your layer of chicken breasts/thighs or a flank steak or a pork tenderloin with your seasonings of choice (if you haven't tried Slap 'Ya Momma, you need to - shout out to Laura Boyer for turning me on to it!), add a couple of quartered onions and peppers if you like and turn that sucker on low for 5-6 hours. The meat will create it's own juices and it will actually taste like chicken/steak/tenderloin!

I know you know fast food is cheap and easy. And full of fat, sugar and calories.

Alternate Byte: a rotisserie chicken and a bag of pre-washed and cut up salad with a bottle of vinaigrette is just as cheap and easy and often quicker as you're not in the rush hour fast food drive thru line!

Now, for my favorite fast dinner - it's in the pic. Caprese anything! What's your favorite answer to, "Oh crap, what am I going to fix for dinner?"

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