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San Antonio | Texas

Why Texas?

Updated: May 26, 2018

I've been a #nurse since 1993. I started working in the wonderfully rewarding field of #bariatrics in 2004. In 2009, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Nursing and in 2014 I obtained my #MBA. In addition to working at bariatric programs, I've had the opportunity to consult with several companies over the past thirteen years to help drive the education and engagement of those affected by obesity. During this time, I've had the opportunity to work with thousands of patients, hopefully playing some small part in their weight loss journey. Yet, this wasn't enough. I have become professionally restless.

Our family has lived in Tennessee since 1990. We moved to Franklin as so many do for the schools. Both boys entered the Franklin Special School District in kindergarten and graduated from Franklin High School. In August, our oldest moved to Florida. Our youngest is 27. My husband began working from home earlier in the year and absolutely loves it. He loves what he's doing, he loves giving up the gosh awful daily commute in to and out of Nashville every day. While we love the Franklin area, we no longer need to pay the higher cost of living that comes with living in Williamson County in Tennessee.

With the exception of my husband, two boys and three fur babies, I have no family. Hubby's family all live in Kentucky, we all get together twice a year, at Thanksgiving and Christmas. While we have friends in Tennessee, it's not like we get together often or hang out on the weekends. We have friends all across the country, thanks to technology, we can stay in touch with friends and family pretty much anywhere anytime.

Maybe it's that mid-life crisis, I am nearly 53 after all. Maybe it's the realization there's still so much I want to achieve in the next decade or two. Maybe it's that I want to have the time to enjoy my family, enjoy my fur babies. Maybe it's the realization there was no opportunity for growth at my current job if I wanted to stay in the field of bariatrics. Or, maybe it was the realization of all of the above, and that no one was going to take care of my future but me.

Hubby and I started discussing the option of me quitting my job, focusing on consulting for several months while looking at other opportunities. So, I took several deep breaths, turned in my two-month notice and instead of panicking, I felt oddly calm and at ease. While we had talked about moving, we had no clear plan, it had just been talk. One of my consulting engagements brought me to San Antonio, a place we had both visited previously and where we have friends. I decided to add a couple of days to the trip and go with my friends and a real estate agent just to see what type of options were available. Um, the options were amazing! The climate in San Antonio is warm to hotter than hell, which we like. The homes were much larger than what we had in Tennessee for much lower prices. I started sending pics and videos to hubby while still in SA. We started talking it over and as we discussed why, we settled on why not? With him working from home and me doing consulting full time, we could live anywhere. If I decide to return to work within a bariatric program, Texas has the largest concentration of them in the country. The other positions I would be interested in would all allow you to work from home.

So, we decided we weren't getting any younger, why wait? We found a house we loved close to friends (and shopping), we could take possession before Obesity Week, ready, set, go. Within two weeks of my last day at work, we had packed everything, rented a 26-foot U-haul and loaded nearly everything we owned. Being a bit of a control freak, (did I just admit that out loud?) I created a plan. I would leave on a Sunday morning, drive the U-haul from Franklin to San Antonio, hire someone to unload, stay in SA for three days getting everything settled, fly back to Tennessee where we would convoy back to Texas with each of us transporting one fur baby apiece. Well, that plan wound up changing just a bit to all three fur babies riding with me in their crates in a mini-van, but they were champs. We listened to the latest Stephen King book on Audible, and all was good. The first trip in the U-haul was just over 17 hours long, the second trip in the van with the pups was only 13 hours. By Saturday, we were all here in our new home, all settled.

Found just outside the ladies room at Buck-ees

We had done it. In basically three weeks time, we made the decision to move 900+ miles away. No looking back. Was it fast? Yes. Was it spontaneous? Somewhat. Any regrets? None. We've been Texans for 7 months now and we love it.